Overheard…in the Emergency Room

OVERHEARD…a 60+ (estimating here) year old gentleman with a familiar Caribbean accent in the Emergency Room the other day. Conversations with his doctor and the nurse went something like this:

Doc: Do you take any drugs? Marijuana?
Patient: You know where I can get some?
Doc: Anyone around you that’s sick?
Patient: The lady next to me [patient in hospital bed to his right] is sick. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.
Doc: No, I mean if anyone at home is sick.
Patient: [chuckles]

Patient: I have to sleep on a lot of pillows.
Nurse: Really, that’s not good.
Patient: Yeah, I sleep with a lot of pillows. I even hug some of them. Cuz, you know, I live alone.
Nurse: What’s your number?
Patient: You want my number? 718-
Nurse: No, the number on your wrist band.